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Applied Kinesiology


About AK - The origins of Applied Kinesiology and where it stands today.

Applied Kinesiology is a system of evaluating the patient and how they may react to various forms of stimulus applied to the nervous system. This evaluation system is meant to add to traditional forms of diagnosis and in no way be considered a substitute. AK has multidisciplinary healing arts applications and is widely used throughout the world by many types of practitioners. Although its founder and many of its early developers are chiropractors, AK is used by medical doctors, dentists, naturopaths, psychologists, osteopaths, and others.

Interest in AK has rapidly created new fields of application throughout the healing sciences. Unfortunately, there are some who have created "kinesiology" testing procedures that do not fall within the field of science. Our aim is to -- within all reason -- verify and give neurological modeling explanations of what is taught. Attaining accurate information and being consistent with proven techniques will eliminate inaccuracies in treatment. Again, there is no substitute for standardized diagnostic protocols.

Since its beginnings in 1964, AK has been at the cutting edge of applied neuroscience. Dr. Walter Schmitt has described AK as 'functional neurology' and indeed most every aspect of AK is aligned with creating various ways to "weed out" nerve dysfunction. Understanding what 'normal' and 'optimal health' is can be quite elusive. Let us just say that those who use Applied Kinesiology have never been afraid to raise the bar on what optimal health is and what it means to improve human performance.

Doctors who use AK have been extremely successful in paving the way for their patients to achieve the ultimate in their fields of expertise. My good friend, Dr. Robert Blaich has been instrumental in taking

chronically fatigued athletes and turning them (in a short period of time) into gold-medal

Olympic winners. Many who suffer from traditionally untreatable conditions have progressed

and thrived under AK programs involved in the course material offered in this

100-Hour curriculum.

Those who practice AK share a passion and enthusiasm for what they do on a daily

basis in the real world. Although skeptics abound, the reality is that AK works reliably

well in a world that consistently offers challenges to us all. Patients in many countries

around the world would be at a great loss if it weren't for their Doctors who use AK.

For thirty years, I have heard repeatedly the stories of success by just using what

originally was a simple concept: the body never lies and muscles move bones.

You are invited to share this knowledge and we look forward to your participation in our class.

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